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Pearlized Pony Beads

Are you looking for pearlized pony beads? this 9mm package of pearlized multi is a great option at 1 pound. The beads are from the pearls and they are a great color with a modern look.

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The barrel pony beads are a must-have for any pearlized farming scene! These beads are 6mmx9mm and are made of pearceized multicolor bd239. Thebeads are options for those who want to add a little pop of color to their farming scene.
our pearlized pony beads are hand-made with 6mm and 9mm x 9mm 1lb pearls. They are multicolor and have a 0726-38. 38 watt led light up to the moon and night. Perfect for your next party!
this is a wholesale item. It is not a product that is being sold on our site. You may find this type of product on other websites as well. We only sell the specific type of beads that we need for our customers' benefits. The pearlized color on this pony beads is a result of the high demand for this type of necklace in the past. This necklace is a great find for the sweet or prudish in your life. The pearlized color is a unique and unique way to show your personalization and care for your friends and family.