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Pearlized Beads

Pearlized beads are the perfect mix of unique and stylish. Thisgold and silver mixed pearls are added to glass beadmaking to create a creating a mixed color necklace and earrings set. The necklace has a unique shape and the earrings are beautiful and versatile.

45 Pearl Butterfly Shaped Beads U Pick Color or Colors Hair

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What is pearlized beads?
pearlized beads are a type of glass that has been pearlized ( which means "varnished"). This technology can be used to create large-sized, they are also the perfectg another look for any outfit.
this is a unique and bind-up piece that features pearlized beads. It is a 4mm6mm8mm bag with a colorful pearlized bead in the bottom. The bag is made to be mixed color with the color being pearlized on the inside. The bag is also mixed color with the color being pearlized on the outside.
pearlized beads are a type of beads that have a pear-shaped shape. They are often used in jewelry making, because of their sleek and sleek look. This type of beads is also great for spacer beads because they can be used as a thin spacer between the glass and metal.